• Angk’jeay Life

    A glimpse into the life and work being done in Angk’jeay. Special thanks to Corey and Team from PCC.

  • Hope in God’s Promises

    Written by Meghan Robel, a summer intern to Cambodia Greetings! How crazy to think that it has already been 3 weeks since I returned Stateside, and yet, as I think back on the incredible ways in which I saw Christ at work in Cambodia, my amazement feels as new and fresh as when I first […]

  • Peace and Joy

    Written by Alex Price, a summer intern to Neareay Chickens chatter, motos honk their horns, palm tree branches rustle, a saw next door hums, basketballs bounce, children giggle, the wat blares music and the chants of the priests, and students joyfully sing their school songs. These are the sounds of Neareay. Neareay- a village branching […]

  • Christ Central Presbyterian Church in Cambodia

    A short term team from CCPC came to serve for two weeks in Cambodia. See what they saw.

  • Reflection

    Written by Daniel Jin, a member of the Christ Central Presbyterian Church short-term team               The Cambodia missions trip was my first mission trip of my life. I wasn’t too nervous because I knew that this was something that I am called to do. There was no doubt. Also, I […]

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